Baby Micah was born if you didn’t hear!

We camped in the backyard, it failed because the neighbors had a party next door and kept us up

Erin and I went to Alcatraz for our anniversary. Very strange place to celebrate, but it was super fun. We took a windy, cold, slightly rainy boat ride across the bay to the old federal prison with great views of SF and the Golden Gate Bridge. This is officially the most I’ve ever written here, so I’ll stop.

We just started playing Monopoly together. Julia loves to be the banker.

Helping Erin paint the room for Baby Seven

Half Birthdays and legitimate birthdays.

Lots of rain, but we still go for walks in our rain boots.

Mostly pictures of us sledding. Here are some shots from our recent trip to New Hampshire.

We opened some presents, destroyed the living room, and spent Christmas afternoon at the beach.

Some winter Sonoma County ‘sploring with the kids. Pretty sure those binoculars are backwards…

Putting up the Christmas tree, plus an intro to Chocolate Advent Calendars.

Some playground / park fun with Mimi and Pop Pop

A little pumpkin patch action with the girls. No long-sleeve shirts in October here.

We WERE going to go camping, but we decided to have a #staycation instead. Went to the beach, ‘celebrated’ Julia’s half birthday, and generally had a good time last weekend.

Julia’s half-birthday donut:

Some pictures from Anna’s 6th Birthday Party.

First day of Kindergarten for Anna, preschool for Julia!

We got a SoCo Regional Parks Pass this year - we are determined to see every park! All 54!

Anna tries on her new goggles for swim lessons.

Mostly pictures of us hiking.

And just like that we are back at the beach.