Julia and Erin's birthday, plus a visit from Nanny and Grandpa.

We visited the dirt pump track for the first time.

Foster Falls visit and 'hike.'

Sisters being silly, plus some pictures from the Tennessee Aquarium.

It has been a challenging couple of months. Sorry for the lack of pictures. Here you go!

Thanksgiving in ATL, plus getting a Christmas Tree.
The Walking Dead up Stone Mountain.

It's always fun when Titi and Tio visit!

Our last California beach day!

Various pictures, plus Anna's 5th birthday.

Some pictures from our trip to Southern California. 

Anna gets ready for her first kids bike race. Game Face on.

The girls have a Bling Box full of donated jewelry and they love to play dress up.

I'm doing a mountain bike race this weekend and camping in the car, so I wanted to test out how the mattress fits with the seats down. Turns out I nailed it! The girls wanted to pretend they were going on camping trip too.

Daddy don't take my picture.

Talking to Tia Mel on FaceTime.

Anna and Julia playing Go Fish. Blind leading the blind.

No camera is safe from Julia's spray bottle. Also, it has been HOT! so we are in bathing suits a lot.

Anna graduated from Pre-School, and we cheered her on!

Anna is super fast on her bike!

Couple of pictures from Mother's Day.